The country Malta

The country distinguishes between tax residence and habitual residence. The distinction is the current or usual presence. In order for the domicile to be considered a tax residence, I must spend at least 183 days a year there.
Malta Double taxation
This would not be mandatory, but the double taxation agreement would apply for a shorter stay. So since I founded my Maltese company, I've actually been making my main decisions here in Malta, which is absolutely worth it because of the wonderful weather, the friendly people and the extremely approachable women. I have not regretted this move for a single day. It is recommended to all entrepreneurs who could run their business from here. The online economy is definitely one of them. I therefore call on my German entrepreneur friends to finally free themselves from the absurd German tax burden and the harassment of the German tax authorities and opt for a Maltese company. I received excellent advice and would like to take this opportunity to thank the law firm that provided me with comprehensive support.

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