Summary company formation Malta

"My summary of setting up a company in Malta is very positive. I am extremely satisfied with the chosen legal form.

I started my own business in Germany in 2010. After a short time, I realized that the German tax burden was really restricting me in my entrepreneurial activities. So I looked around for an alternative.

I didn't even know at first that I could set up a Maltese company. I was even less aware of the associated advantages. But then I received comprehensive advice and decided to set up a company down here in the south, where the sun always shines. The entire set-up was prepared very thoroughly by my advisors and I had to prioritize my relocation. As I can work as an Internet entrepreneur anywhere in the world and there's nothing keeping me in Germany because of my family, the decision was easy for me. I thought to myself: this is the opportunity of a lifetime! And I was absolutely right.

How am I doing today? Well, my company in Malta offers me everything I need to do business and live. I enjoy liability protection and international acceptance in a politically stable EU country. Doc It's not just my Maltese company that makes me very happy, and thanks to the extremely low tax rates I earn a lot of money. I also love the lifestyle on the island. It's an easy life here in the south without the constant rain in the German fall, which leads to a lot of bad-tempered people. I will never regret this move!"

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