September 23, 2019

Self-employment in Malta

Becoming self-employed in Malta

Setting up a company in Malta is relatively easy for residents of the EU, Switzerland or the extended EEA. To do so, you must register as an economically independent resident of the island.

How does registration work in Malta?

Certain requirements must be met (see below). If your circumstances meet these requirements, take the necessary documents to the Evans building in Valetta, where the Identity-Malta office is located on the lowest level (-1). It is not necessary to join the queue at the main reception. A door on the right leads to a corridor, where the last room on the left is the section where EU/EEA/Swiss citizens receive the necessary registration. An application form must be completed, which is available online or handed out by Identity-Malta.

What are the requirements for setting up a company?

These are conditions with which the Maltese government primarily wants to ensure that new arrivals do not become a financial burden for the country:

  • Account balance of 14,000 euros for single persons or 23,300 euros for married couples, alternatively proven weekly income of 84.95 euros for single persons or 93.10 euros for married couples
  • Health insurance policy for outpatient and inpatient treatment
  • Passport or identity card in original and copy
  • recommended: Rental contract (not a requirement)
  • recommended: Proof of a stay in the country of three to six months - either planned or already completed
  • Recommended: short cover letter with a description of the start-up project

The Identity Malta office takes a photo of the applicant and after three to four weeks they receive their ID/e-residence card.

Advantages of setting up a company in Malta

The country has extremely low tax rates and refunds 6/7 of the corporation tax if the necessary requirements are met. In addition, the weather is always wonderful and the people - especially the women - are extremely friendly and approachable. Many online entrepreneurs from the D.A.C.H. area are currently settling here and are generally very happy. They sit on the beach for a few hours a day with their laptops and work a little, mainly keeping an eye on their growing bank balance. Apart from that, they enjoy the easy Maltese life.