September 13, 2019

Tax benefits in Malta & tax consultants for Malta

Tax benefits in Malta & tax consultants for Malta

I am a German internet entrepreneur (affiliate marketing) and registered my company in Malta in 2016. My tax advisor recommended it to me. Since then, I've been saving a lot of taxes and enjoying the wonderful Maltese weather and the friendly people here. Every now and then I sit on the beach with my laptop and check how my business is going.

Background: Saving taxes in Malta

My tax advisor drew my attention to the favorable tax conditions in Malta. Entrepreneurs benefit from these under two conditions:

  • It is necessary to set up a Maltese limited company.
  • The business premises must be relocated here.

That's what I did, because as an Internet entrepreneur I can work anywhere. I don't have any family ties to Germany. My parents live in the south themselves, I have no children or siblings and I broke up with my last German girlfriend. Unfortunately, she couldn't cope with my wealth as an affiliate, which had already grown enormously with the high German tax rates. But back to Maltese taxation. If you, as an entrepreneur, fulfill the above conditions, the Maltese authorities will refund you an incredible 6/7 of your corporation tax. All you need is a holding company as the owner of the limited company or foreign partners. I have both.

Do you need a tax advisor for your Maltese company?

Absolutely! You can save a lot of tax, but to do so you need to pay close attention to the relevant regulations. Seek tax advice for this and then enjoy the many advantages that Maltese legislation offers you. But don't get the idea that you just want to run a letterbox company here. This will be discovered and you will end up empty-handed. That's what happened to a friend of mine. But I took precautions with clever tax advice and am now enjoying my new life to my heart's content with high turnover, low taxes, glorious weather, white beaches and beautiful, approachable women!